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Meet our "FYREFIT" mom of two, our very own bad ass firefighter, fitness expert and the inspiration behind our signature "BLAZED" class.  In the late 90's working as a product manager, Deanna found her fire for the fitness industry and  became a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor.  Shortly after in the year 2000, she raised the bar even higher and began her career as a Montclair firefighter (helloooo bad ass!)  Staying in shape is not only important to her well-being, it is a necessity for her physically demanding career.  As she approaches 20 years of combating fires, she also has two decades under her belt in her fitness career both personal training and teaching body sculpt and interval style classes at a number of gyms in the Essex County area.  In addition to her quarantine-created virtual studio classes, she BLAZED her through The Compound and became a pivotal member of our crew, and we're happy she's here.

(especially if we ever have a fire!)   


DB's Motto:

"Instead of focusing on all the reasons you CAN'T do something, focus on the reasons you CAN do something"


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Meet Monica.  But chances are you already have!

This long-time fitness veteran has become an icon in the area with her infamous cardio-kickboxing & body sculpt classes and her private and small group personal training to hundreds of clients.  Finding her passion for the group fitness industry in the early 80's at the ripe age of 19, Monica worked full time in finance and taught group fitness classes in the evening.  In the early 90's she became certified in personal training and never looked back! 

 Mastering and studying kickboxing, boxing and Taekwondo - she created her infamous cardio kickboxing class that she's been teaching for nearly 3 decades, the inspiration behind our signature PROPEL class.  Decades later and stronger than ever, she can now add "grandma" to the resume! It is no secret that Monica lives and breathes the fitness industry with a vast array of expertise; but her passion, drive and warm personality is in fact her biggest asset as an instructor, trainer and now, an immeasurable member of The Compound Crew.

MT's Motto:

"Always remember, nothing worth it is ever easy"

If she had a theme song:

"She's A Maniac"

-Michael Sembello (Flashdance)

Brian Kermizian

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Owner and founder of Living Fit (est.2009) and co-creator of The Compound, Brian has over 20 years of dedicated work and extensive training studying human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, kinesiology, holistic lifestyle modification and holistic health. Basically - he's just the man. But you'd never know it talking to him as humble is his middle name. Unless you ask for advice on food- lookout! With decades of experience, BK has implemented his innovative and unique coaching practices designed specifically for the individual client.  Working with hundreds of people from children to seniors, he uses a holistic approach signature to his training methods when coaching his clients.

BK's Motto:

"Without the sour, the sweet ain't so sweet"

If he had a theme song:

"Kick Start My Heart"

-Motley Crue


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Creator and Founder of The Compound, Dani Cann- now Kermizian, is the inspiration behind the brand and our new expansion.  Her nickname around these parts is "head hancho" but really she just thrives off of being in a good-vibe-filled environment with her awesome crew. {Speaking of THRIVE- check out that class, its like being stuck inside her head for 45 minutes - eek}.  A graduate with a business degree she spent over 10 years in the corporate fashion industry but her true passion lies in fitness, health & wellness. She holds multiple fitness certifications from Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr, TRX and several indoor cycling certifications including training and teaching at the elite Flywheel Sports in NYC.  Now, her brain child, The Compound in Verona NJ, is her new home.

DK's Motto:

"The best things happen when you're not looking"

If she had a theme song:





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The Compound's token "best smile around" high-energy head trainer, Chris Lee is a staple around these parts and our crew wouldn't be the same without him.  Holding a BS in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition, he later interned at St. Joseph's Hospital working with cardiac patients. He has extensive experience in post-physical therapy and specializes in overweight/obesity.  With over 15 years of experience, his programming methods provide extensive knowledge and motivation (not just by looking at those pearly whites), so that every client, no matter what their initial health status is, can reach the highest level of healthy lifestyle goals.


CL's Motto:

"Don't be afraid of being a beginner"

If he had a theme song:


Jay Z & Linkin Park


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Our class VITAL FORCE was named and inspired by this man, and he is just that a vital, valuable force to our crew. Over 20 years as a personal trainer and health coach, if you asked any of his dedicated, long time clients - you would learn that he provides knowledgeable, supportive, passionate and most of all effective and goal oriented training to all of his clients. He inspires his clients to believe in themselves always, set goals and accomplish them, and trust in the process. "It comes down to a simple choice - get busy living, or get busy dying" - Shawshank Redemption

Words to live by.

The always inspiring RB- the heart of our team.

RB's Motto:

"Push Past the Pain"

If he had a theme song:

"Till I collapse"

-Emeniem - feat. Nate Dogg


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Meet Lisa, The Compound's very own yoga director and do-it-all gal, she is a staple around these parts.  Her way of life, YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY.  Standing at a whopping 4'10, she may be little, but she is mighty!  Well adversed in multiple forms of yoga, several years of training, multiple certifications under her belt and thousands upon thousands of hours of practicing and teaching! LD is a ball of sunshine and a breath of fresh air - as is her teaching style.  With her extensive background in yoga and endless hours of collaborations with her right hand woman and bestie - TL's owner Dani, she has come up with some amazing signature fusion classes at THE LAB and leads the pack in bringing in some amazing yoga instructors into our tribe. Speaking of tribe, this ray of light is one of the biggest assets to ours. 

LD's Motto:

"We grow through what we go through"

If she had a theme song:



Our team is growing fast - more of our crew will be listed soon!

Interested in joining the team? Contact us below... Don't be shy, all walks of life welcome.


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