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Welcome to The Compound: Featuring our state-of-the-art training facility, The Compound Coffee Co. Coffee Bar and Shop, The Library Lounge and home of The Compound Events.  Our private and small group training programs are designed and created to focus on transformative health and fitness.  As an expansion from our original location, Living Fit (est. 2009), The Compound established our new home in the Fall of 2020 at 271 Grove Avenue in Verona.  The training facility offers private and small group training and an intimate weekly program of small group classes.

Our carefully designed programs are structured with a purpose of implementing ample strength with proper stretching, rest and recovery. Focusing on strength through motion, a client’s posture (which is often neglected) is of utmost importance during any physical activity.  Proper form allows for proper motor learning of movement management, refining your body’s kinetics to improve workouts and recovery.

Introducing the Best of Essex Best Coffee Shop of 2022:

The Compound Coffee Co. & The Compound Events

What to expect? A carefully curated menu complete with locally sourced coffee, fresh + organic smoothies, specialty crafted beverages, healthy + savory bites and coastal vibes. A few more perks: The Library Lounge & event space, The CoCoCo Covered Outdoor Casita, the outdoor/indoor "Pick-Me-Up" window, our very own mobile app for order ahead convenience, the mercantile, plenty of parking, a community of like-minded, awesome people + lots of good vibes.






A true entrepreneur at heart with an endless drive, fiery spirit and never-ending desire to build, grow and create.  A graduate with a business degree from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City,  she established a career in the corporate sector of the fashion industry, quickly working her way up to a National Sales Manager level with over a decade of overseeing brands both in the US and Internationally.  While building her early career in the fashion industry, she saw an opportunity to capitalize on the food truck craze by simultaneously launching one of the first ever fashion trucks in 2012 “Chic Rattle & Roll” a mobile “boutique on wheels” featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal and TIME NY.   Apart from her corporate career her most important role is being a mom to her 3 young children, Madison (11) & Jagger (6) and Bellamy (1).   Upon meeting her now husband Brian Kermizian, he quickly became her biggest inspiration and cheerleader, and her passion for the health, wellness and the ever-evolving fitness industry went into overdrive.   Danielle has completed several levels of training & instructing from some of the most prestigious fitness brands including Spinning(TM), Stages(TM) Cycling, and the former elite Flywheel Sports in NYC.  In addition to her certification with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Danielle has also completed the 200 Hour NJYTT in 2019 and is a certified yoga teacher.  


In addition to her corporate background and fitness accolades, Danielle spent the better part of a decade in the group fitness industry trying out different classes and studios both around the US, and Internationally.  She prides herself on originality in the format of various group fitness classes,  as well as finding the right balance of “getting a good work out” without putting too much stress on the body.  She thoroughly enjoys teaching the classes she designed on a weekly basis and the community she has helped create at The Compound as she notably calls them the “Good Vibe Tribe.”  Her biggest drive - her entrepreneurial spirit and inability to sit still, fueled by a desire to create, design, build and execute.  The Compound, originating as a high-end fitness studio, is now home to the 2022 Best of Essex County gold winning “Best Coffee Shop” - The Compound Coffee Co. and a popular event space, hosting weekly events from children’s and adult birthday parties, corporate and networking events, wellness and fitness events and more.


Danielle exercises her passions by overseeing all facets of the business, managing all event bookings at The Compound, as well as taking on selective projects outside of her business for client's personal/commercial project planning and design/decorating projects.  

Her plate is always full, but if you ask her, she wouldn’t have it any other way.




Owner and founder of Living Fit, a health and wellness facility launched in 2009, Brian has over 25 years of dedicated work and extensive training studying human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, kinesiology, holistic lifestyle modification and holistic health.  Brian has implemented his innovative and unique coaching practices throughout the duration of his career and prides himself on designing a carefully curated program - specifically for the individual client.


Working with hundreds of people from children to seniors, he uses a holistic approach signature to his training methods when coaching his clients. Additional and ongoing studies include: Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the C.H.E.K Institute, East West Healing and Performance: Metabolic Blueprint Practitioner, SOMA Training, SOMA Golf, SOMA Therapy under the direction of Dr. Guy Voyer.  Brian is one of the few elite trainers/therapists in the country to have completed Dr. Guy Voyer’s extensive SOMA Training Program and is an expert in in comprehensive myofascial exercise therapy and ELDOA.  A huge component in his training regimens is the overall self-care, stretching, rest and recovery periods:

“We tend to get into fitness crazes where we are overworking the same muscle groups back to back without the proper amount of rest/recovery, or the proper amount of stretching to allow for efficient muscle recovery”

Brians expertise in the health and wellness industry coupled with his now wife's business-minded entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to grow and expand his unique practices and overall personal training methods.  Together, the two worked with each others strengths to create this truly unique place.

*expertise include: sports specific training (youth & adults), functional training, injury prevention & injury rehabilitation, kettlebell training, myofascial stretching, specific proprioception and awareness, segmental strengthening of the abs,upper and lower limbs, circulatory techniques, osteo-articular pumping and fascia-normalization.


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